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If you are reading this, you have decided it’s time for a career change!

We offer down to earth, effective introductions, to decision makers within quality organisations seeking to hire determined individuals. Since 2003, our business has grown across many Telecoms technologies, so much so that we have placed over 1600 people into new jobs in the industry!

In more recent years…

After the boom years of deregulation and the growth of the mobile telephone, we all witnessed a contraction in the job market during the Credit Crunch of 2007 – 2012.

However since 2013, prospects for employment have steadily improved, driven by economic and technical progress.

Companies are launching new recruitment drives as the economy expands.

Market confidence has been steadily growing; and all market surveys indicate that businesses across the UK wish to expand their workforce. 

As traditional job roles have become automated, the jobs of the future will rely ever more heavily on people skills and this will improve the quality of your working life.

Fully accurate candidate data helps us to do our job for you… faster!

When submitting your CV, please include your mobile telephone number and a full home postcode. Also include a brief description of your key skills, the kind of job sought and your target earnings!

We always give priority to candidates that call us to discuss their situation.

We absolutely guarantee that we are NOT a “Supermarket Style” agency, we may not always be able to help you today, but we will remember you for tomorrow.

During office hours, please call Alison Surtees or Helen Pack, our Liaison Managers to arrange a telephone interview with one our career consultants.

If you cannot talk freely during weekdays, it’s OK to phone us on Saturday mornings between 10am and 12pm. If we can’t answer immediately, please leave a message including your contact number, and we will call you back.

Where time or geography does not permit a meeting, we are committed users of Video Conferencing over all messenger platforms. All of our consultants are available online for Video Conference Interviews.

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