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In the beginning.

JMA Network was born out of the dramatic increase in demand for sales people within the Telecoms industry during the early 2000’s. It was a time when deregulation of Telecoms drove a new market in LCR and CPS, and mobile phone services became affordable for every level of business. In many ways it was goldrush, when networks and resellers took simple, affordable new generation communications to hundreds of thousands of businesses across the UK.

Clive Jefferys had spent ten years in IT Recruitment, and seeking a career change had moved moved into general sales recruitment in late 2001. One Friday afternoon in 2002, he picked up a lead and made a call to a sales manager at Genesis Communications and within six months, he had placed thirty people there. A year later, almost all of Clive’s clients were in Telecoms, so he decided to create his own company and in August 2003, JMA opened for business in a small office in London’s Fleet Street.

Steady growth.

The company grew steadily, and within two years the business had ten staff and was placing an average of ten sales people per week into roles across the UK. Then in 2005 an old friend from the IT days, Patrick Judges, joined the company to start a new focus in technical, engineering and back-office recruitment and quickly built a highly successful team around him. Within another year, JMA had fifteen staff and turnover of £800,000 of permanent fees a year. Our client list grew to include vendors, manufacturers and the networks themselves. We even started supplying contractors, consultants, and HR advice as we grew our offering to cover every aspect of employment.

The Recession years.

In 2007 the storm clouds started to appear on the horizon, everyone could feel their approach. Whilst Gordon Brown said “No more boom and bust” it was obvious that this unprecedented run of economic sunshine just couldn’t continue for ever. As is always the case, we and other recruitment agencies were led by the candidate market, and increasing nervousness and concern amongst job seekers warned us of what was coming. It was the perfect bellweather and allowed JMA to take some hard decisions, to reduce its overheads, to invest in new technology to increase our efficiency.

So the Recession came, and whilst it was touch and go for a few years years, JMA survived and indeed, has prospered! Like most businesses, it made us tougher, leaner and wiser for the experience. The decline in candidate footfall allowed us to move out from Central London, and today our offices are unashamedly local. Our data resources are based in the Cloud and Hosted Telephony gives 24/7 access for our staff and associates across the UK.

Knowledge, maturity, precision and passion.

Recruitment methodology has changed profoundly over the last twenty five years, it is no longer based on the Smile and Dial ethos of old. Today the guiding principles for our team are based upon knowledge, maturity, precision and a passion for what we do! 

Yes, our key heritage is sales recruitment and that remains a strong part of our business, but 40% of our placements are made into just about every other kind of job within a Telecoms company.

So whatever you wish to recruit, whatever kind of job you seek… if it’s in Telecoms, we are the company to call!


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