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Providers of leadership.

Since 2003, our total focus on Telecoms has given us a unique insight into the industry’s decision makers, and how they lead companies to success.

We have helped many business owners and senior executives to:

Develop winning strategies.
Define and deliver change.
Inspire and develop people.
Turn ambition into reality…

Our breadth of experience across Sales, Technology, Operations and Finance is vital.

They help us to understand the inter-dependencies between departments that can, and do, affect every senior role.

Our selection process is focussed on accuracy and verification.

We take time to understand the candidate; to ask the hard questions, and strive at all times to provide the most accurate match for both client and individual.

Our approach recognises that every executive level opportunity is unique.

We take the time to understand your business, its unique qualities and how they will impact the profile of the person you require.

The seniority of our recruiters allows us to talk at the same level.

Our clients and candidates feel comfortable that we know the industry and what is required to lead a business and jobs in telecoms successfully.

Our network of contacts across the industry.

Helps us to locate the correct candidates, and understand the people and events that have shaped their careers.

Our executive search is highly confidential, and generally not advertised.

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