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Your first day at work!

So you are starting your new job soon, and you might be feeling a bit anxious!

Step by step…

1. Plan your commute.

2. New clothes and shoes for a fresh start.

3. Set off & arrive early.

4. Enjoy yourself!

It’s OK to be nervous, so here are a few tips to help your first day go smoothly:

Plan your daily commute, maybe even try it out once in advance.
Think of ways to prepare, so that you can hit the ground running.
Treat yourself to some new work clothes and shoes for a fresh start!
Have a good night’s sleep before your first day, set off and arrive early!
Bring all your Personal ID, sales leads and notes with you to work.
Meet as many people as you can in a positive and friendly fashion.
Set about gaining a strong understanding of the job, company, building, and locality.
Ask for mentors to steer you through your induction.
Aside from the agenda that has been set for you, look for ways to become productive.
Become a whirlwind of ideas and enthusiasm!
Invest extra personal time in learning about the company’s products and procedures.

And finally…enjoy yourself!

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