Counter Offers! Does a Leopard ever change his spots?

The Leopard Boss

Counter Offers!

Does a Leopard ever change his spots?

At several stages in your career you will decide to move job, and in present times your resignation is likely to generate a counter-offer to stay.

The problem is that no matter how flattering it is to feel wanted again; can you ever really trust, or be trusted by, your employer again?

Unfortunately the statistics are against you on this one.

68% of people in the Tech sector choose to refuse a counter-offer*.  It falls down to basic human psychology about the process that leads everyone to finally decide it’s time to go. The reasons are many; being underpaid, over-worked, unappreciated or the absence of career prospects. Sometimes, waiting for your boss to fall under a bus becomes just too much to bear.

Generally speaking the counter-offer originates from people who didn’t notice how unhappy you were, didn’t care, or were powerless to do anything about it until it came to the crunch.

Harsh words maybe, but true nonetheless.

It seems that the final decision to cross the line and look for a new job is in reality, irreversible.

So when you summon up the courage to resign, it’s not in your best interest to be swayed. In most cases, the promises made to keep you will not be fulfilled, and you’ll look back and realise you were looking at a leopard that day.