If people want it… they grab it!

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And if they don’t grab it… they don’t want it!

It’s taken me 27 years in sales to realise that as blunt as this motto is, despite how sophisticated we think we are, it’s as true today as it was in 1988, writes Clive Jefferys, Managing Director of telco recruiter JMA Network.

Whether you are selling comms, cars or candles, when the prospect in front of you says that he wants to think about it, you have to act immediately. Admittedly the objection might be trivial, but unless you get at it quickly it will only grow and grow. The concern might be major and you certainly need to address what is holding back the much sought-after Yes!

This is especially true regarding all matters of recruitment, wherever you sit in the process, so here are a few translations:

“I always like to sleep on it”
I’m pretty certain it’s a No. However if I wake up tomorrow morning and suddenly feel better about it, I’ll try and find an alternative before coming back to you.

“We have more people to see before we can make a decision”
I’m not convinced and I’ll come back to you as the last resort.

“I’ll let the agency know my decision.”
I don’t like giving bad news myself and you might have a gun in your pocket.

“We just need to see proof of your past performance / income.”
I don’t believe you, but I’m open to being proved wrong.

“I’m really very keen about your offer, but I always discuss important things like this with my partner.”
I want to bank this for the moment, until something better comes along.

“Yes, I’m really happy about your offer!”
But I didn’t say your job did I? I will split hairs about my choice of words, if I back out later.

Recruitment attunes you to human nature and every day is a school day in sales. The thing I love about my profession, and sales in general, is that when you find a prospect or candidate that is on the level, open and honest, it makes the job so much easier.

So, if the candidate or job offer in front of you today feels right, just go for it and say yes. Waiting for what might be round the corner creates lost opportunities and solves nothing.

Remember… recruitment is a Now Business!



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