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Now we secured an interview for you!

You wrote your CV, we proposed you to a client and they’ve asked to see you.

This is the moment that you must perform on centre stage!

Well interviews don’t have to be hard work, providing you prepare well beforehand, and give yourself less work to do at the meeting.

Step by step…

1. Do your research and prepare.

2. Look and sound professional.

3. Secure the next interview or job offer.

The key action points are:

Before the interview.

Research the client company.
Research the marketplace and products.
Think about your own attributes.
Think about the job and what you can bring to it.
Prepare your presentation.
Think to yourself “Why should they hire me?”

On the big day.

Look the part; business attire is a must!
Plan your journey and arrive 10 minutes early.

Bring your credentials, references, accolades, proofs of personal performance.
Answer the interviewer’s questions openly and honestly.
Ask for a description of a typical day, week and month in the role.
Conjure a picture of how you will perform in the role.

Securing the next interview or job offer.

Ask the interviewers if they have any further questions.
Ask what happens next, and how you will secure an offer?
Draw out any concerns and address them!
Ask how you can proceed further, and if it’s a final interview: ask for the job!

Then phone us immediately afterwards to debrief, and we’ll get to work for you!

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