Is Telecoms hiring Brexit-proof? commsDealerlogo

BIGGIN HILL AIRPORTKENT-JUNE 19th:Ray Hanna displaying Supermarine Spitfire IX MH434 at the International Airshow 2004 United Kingdom.

“The dialogue continues to jog along, as we look to our leaders to start talking about real plans and stop market-testing public opinion.”

writes Clive Jefferys of telecoms recruiter JMA Network.

In Europe, the politicians are warily watching Old Blighty, wondering who is going to make the first move. Seventy six years ago, the Battle of Britain raged overhead and today at home, an air of siege mentality pervades.

Is the Brexit coming?

When will it happen?

“Be calm – it’s coming! It’s coming!” Jean-Claude Juncker declares from his commissariat in Brussels.

I may not be Churchill, but I say we shall prevail.

Growing up in the dark 70s and painful 80s, I recruited all through 1992’s Black Wednesday, the Tech Bubble of 2000, the Bankers Crash in 2008 – and throughout all, IT and telecoms hiring held up. In many ways, these periods were the spur for invention and significant growth in our sector, and I see no reason to think otherwise today.

Telecoms is both a necessary utility and a technological opportunity for businesses and consumers.

If anything, the pace of change is accelerating with the full impact of cloud and hosting only just beginning to be felt.

Certainly, our customer base is reporting good business and dogged determination to succeed among their customers. On the other side, candidates continue to register for new opportunities and we know that at least half of them wanted change by voting the way that they did in June. Sure, negotiation of packages is tough, but when was it ever easy to hire a data salesman, a provisioner or a billings manager?

Meanwhile, Crane Watch is reporting record activity over Britain’s cities, plenty of work to be had there over the next three years.

The road ahead might have a few twists and turns, but as career options go…

Telecoms has never been more attractive.


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