Money proves just the job in 2017 commsDealerlogo


“So the hiring year has started briskly. The first new vacancies started coming in just before Christmas and then the real flood arrived during early January. The candidates are back too, as applications and CV registrations reach a peak and the first placements of 2017 have already happened.”

writes Clive Jefferys, Managing Director of recruiter JMA Network.

It’s clear that just one word is leading people’s desire for a career change – money.

I think we all know why: Rising prices, rising uncertainty, rising expectations – everything is going up. Earning more hard cash is the number one ‘reason for looking’ and it’s been top of the hit parade for six months running.

So should employers lament, should they fret about decreasing profits and spiralling costs?

Well they shouldn’t be in business if they do, as rising prices also bring greater opportunities. If you take a straw poll of your own top clients, they will tell you they thrive by not being the cheapest in their sector and it’s no different for your best new recruits too.

Service delivery, features, advantages, benefits are the keywords of selling, business and hiring.

A year ago I proclaimed this was a Bull Market and it’s no different today. Everyone says they are short of staff, yet UK recruiters place hundreds of thousands of people in new jobs every year. Our clients ask us to send every candidate that possesses the right skills, even if their salary needs are higher than the original budget for the job.

Just like the post referendum economy – despite the concerns ahead, business and hiring are carrying on as normal.


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