New governments are good for employment prospects commsDealerlogo

Whatever your political persuasion, it is undeniable that financial markets and economies benefit from the confidence, certainty and consistency that a new majority government offers, writes Clive Jefferys, MD of Telecoms Recruiter, JMA Network.

Whether you agree or not with the result of the General Election, the uncertainty of coalition politics has been removed for the moment. Notwithstanding external, global factors and events, at least the agenda is clear.

Since the collapse of Lehman’s heralded disaster in 2008, one of the biggest problems has been to rebuild business and consumer confidence. From this flows investment in infrastructure and jobs. It has taken nearly seven years hard work to get to what at least feels like a growing economy again.

However, the missing piece of the puzzle has been employee confidence.

Despite rapidly increasing hiring demand, the supply of new skilled candidates has been slow, reticent, nervous and uncertain. This has frustrated the growth of many businesses across the UK over the last two years.

So perhaps the final component of our recovery will now fall into place.

While there have been great strides in raising employment to a record level of 31 million, this has often been at the price of low pay and uncertain hours.

So the next and most vital step is to raise the quality and rewards of employment and for most people – this means seeking promotion.

People should feel confident again about making that career move, and the best time to start is today.

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