Stronger economy demands smarter recruitment

“On the one hand, doom-mongers ply their gloom in the wake of the B-word. On the other, the economic outlook is bright, we have plunging unemployment and growth in consumer spending”

Says Clive Jefferys, Managing Director of recruiter JMA Network.

Despite these positive vibes, some people are never happy, saying that it’s no more than the calm before the B-word storm .

Against this backdrop – according to most recruitment pundits there aren’t enough applicants, there’s a shortage of skills and costs are going up. Well, this may be true if you try to recruit in old-fashioned ways, but you’ll be pleased to know that the fleet-footed still thrive.

Sitting around waiting for a candidate to apply to your advert never solved anything.

Some people say what we do is ‘headhunting’ but that’s just a cover for when someone leaves, or you want to impress your mates down the pub.

I’ve been in recruitment for over 25 years and I’ve never headhunted one single person. Instead, I network the people I know today to set a foundation for the future. It’s not rocket science: I simply get to know my clients, my candidates and how to bring them together.

Sometimes recruitment strategies feel like a huge game of chess.

You must study all the pieces on the board and where they are likely to move to. Then think about the implications of each move, who will go where and it will all fall into place, check-mate. So if you’re stressing about your next job move or how to fill your most essential vacancies; take a deep breath, take another and then pick up the telephone.

Just don’t mention the B-word.

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