The Friday Afternoon Question – Why is hiring taking longer?

As recruitment decision times double – large companies lose out.

A global employment survey entitled “Why is Hiring Taking Longer?” reveals that the average time to make a job offer has doubled to 30 days across the USA, Europe and Australia in the last five years.

Highly complicated HR methods, internal processes and uncertainty in decision-making are the principle causes. It seems that the larger the company, the lengthier the process, with many corporates taking up to 60 days to make a job offer. Conversely, organisations with less than 50 employees are the most decisive… offering candidates within just 15 days of first contact.

“This has a profound impact on UK hiring processes,” comments Clive Jefferys, MD of Telecoms Recruiter, JMA Network.

“Britain has one of the highest proportions of small business employment in the G20. It seems that small companies secure the best candidates first… much to the frustration of the PLC’s!”

Source article can be viewed here