Time to end The Summertime Blues. commsDealerlogo

As I write at the start of September our vacancy board has pretty much the same jobs on it as six weeks ago, plus half as many again of new ones that have come in since. We bust our two month target in early July, but since then most companies have struggled to get much interest over the summer holidays, writes Clive Jefferys, JMA Network.

Many clients have called to say ‘What am I doing wrong, why is no-one applying?’, and I have reassured them it’s nothing personal. We’ve had great weather and this did effect the candidate market, as when life is good and fun, most people put off hard decisions like moving job.

The good news (for recruitment) is that summer is over! The kids are glumly awaiting their return to school, but parents and hirers have much to celebrate!

September and October is the second peak in the recruitment year, and by the looks of it business will be brisk. Hirers are fully primed to make fast decisions as they need new people to start work as soon as possible. The opportunity loss of empty seats is costing companies too much, so we are now seeing much higher salary offers to attract the right people. Overall, business confidence is at its highest point for many, many years and in recruitment terms, this is a perfect seller’s market.

So my message this month is aimed squarely at people who would like a new job. Stop liking, and get looking! You’ll be amazed at the selection of great job opportunities open to you.

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