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We provide mature, consultative solutions to today’s recruitment problems. We are a true recruitment consultancy, not a job supermarket!

We are not governed by KPI’s, CV’s Sent or untoward pressure to maximise client fees.

We have served the Telecoms industry since 2003 and our reputation for delivering the best solution that we can; is also our greatest asset.

We have known so many people for so long within the industry that we advise our clients on a range of topics. This goes  way beyond what can be expected from generic employment agencies.

Recruitment doesn’t have to be a complicated process.

Our polite, but direct approach is key to meeting your needs. Recruiting and job-hunting can often be a frustrating business and our expertise will make it easier for you.

Our business hinges on personal contact.

We like to meet both clients and candidates alike. We operate an open door policy and actively encourage people to come in and see us to talk about their ideal person or job.

We believe that meeting people face to face is a key foundation to any business relationship.

Time for recruitment is often a rare commodity.

We use the least amount of your time… to achieve the best results for you!

No high pressure sales.

Accurate candidate and client matching
Candidates only submitted with their approval.
CV submission is NEVER automated.
Our clients interview 75% of the candidates we submit.
Our clients offer at least 50% of JMA candidates interviewed.
Traditional and transparent recruitment style.
We are easy and enjoyable to work with!

The highest possible standards of conduct.

Underpinning our every action, we take our obligations to candidates’ and clients’ requirements very seriously. We handle sensitive recruitment information with the utmost discretion.

We are committed to quality.

Every single step of our recruitment process is supported and recorded in adherence to standards set by government and leading Recruitment and Telecoms associations.

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