Genuine Consultancy in Telecoms Recruitment

JMA Network is a consultancy, not a job supermarket. We have served the Telecoms industry since 2003 and our reputation for delivering the best solution that we can, is also our greatest asset.

We have known so many people, for so long, within the Telecommunications industry, that we can advise on a range of topics that go way beyond what can be expected from generic employment agencies.
  • No high pressure sales.
  • Traditional and transparent recruitment style.
  • Accurate candidate and client matching.
  • Candidates only ever submitted with their approval.
  • CV submission of candidates is NEVER automated.
  • Our clients interview 75% of the candidates that we submit to them.
  • Our clients offer positions to at least 50% of JMA candidates interviewed.
  • Designed to deliver the highest possible success rate.
  • Our website has been optimised for Google Chrome

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    What other people think about the service provided by JMA Network.

    I would like to express my gratitude and admiration to Alison for the placement that you found for me, and the professionalism with which you did so!

    Consultants at JMA are quick to respond to our needs, which I think comes from them knowing our business and knowing their candidates, there is yet to be a role where JMA haven’t produced a CV.

    Patrick recruited for me in my role as Sales Director at Siemens Communications and quickly understood the pre sales candidates I required.

    I have known Clive since 2003 as both a hirer of staff, and for my own business purposes. His company has proven outstanding as a traditional, straightforward recruitment agency.

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